This Mental Health Day of Action on May 19th, join us in urging action in Congress for mental health as we partner with MTV and hundreds of other partners across the US to raise awareness on this critical issue.

Mental health challenges are among the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Become an advocate and call on policymakers to create #BlanketChange by prioritizing the mental health of our nation’s moms and moms-to-be.

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Become an advocate for our nation’s moms.

Join our Action Network and call on legislators to support mental health legislation.

Post a message on social media using this toolkit. Tag a friend so they can learn more about the issues and join the movement.

Watch this webinar recording to learn more about becoming an advocate.

Becoming An Advocate Webinar

Learn More and Use Advocate Toolkit

Many women experience mental health challenges during pregnancy and the postpartum period. When left untreated, these disorders can have serious medical, societal and economic consequences. It's long overdue to spotlight moms' mental health and implement policies to improve screening, diagnosis and treatment that can create #BlanketChange.

Use this advocate toolkit to learn about maternal mental health challenges facing moms across the U.S. and to help educate legislators and stakeholders in your community.


Learn how to be an advocate and connect with your legislators.

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Maternal Mental Health materials

Download and update these materials based on your location and/or organization
and use them in your outreach to legislators.

  • March of Dimes position statement: Our statement and policy recommendations around maternal mental health.
  • Factsheet: A factsheet helps identify your organization or group with a particular issue, answers frequently-asked questions and provides statistics and other facts to inform and educate elected officials. Add state specific information, group or organization information, or graphics and charts to this template.
  • Talking points: Brief speaking points to aid you in meeting with policymakers.
  • Letter to Editor Request: Contact us for assistance in placing letter in your local paper.
  • Resources list: A list of additional resources on maternal mental health.