Better Starts for All

Reckitt joined March of Dimes in 2019 as a proud corporate partner to spearhead Better Starts for All, an initiative designed to ensure all moms and babies in the US, especially those with the greatest need, have the best start in life. Better Starts for All includes a digital destination for pregnant women and families to access information on preconception, prenatal and postpartum care, and the latest facts on the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to their health. Through Better Starts for All, Reckitt and March of Dimes aim to advance solutions towards eradicating maternity care deserts in the U.S. – counties with no hospital offering obstetric services and no OB providers. Pilot programs are taking place in Ohio and Washington, D.C. – two markets where maternity care deserts pose a huge challenge for moms and babies getting the care they need.

The program includes two types of evidence-based interventions, Mom & Baby Mobile Health Centers ® and community Health Workers, and provide services in ways that are relevant and acceptable to local women. We’ve seen that women in the pilot regions prefer services from providers that they trust and prefer individual, rather than group services.

During the pilot period, both interventions have seen an impress number of visits and have already exceeded the total program goals for 2023. As of June 2022, 724 women received care thought 2,292 visits across both interventions.

View the full Case Study and get more information about supporting these initiatives for Consumers, for Healthcare Providers, and for Future Funders.

March of Dimes’ partnership with Reckitt -- a holding company that includes the brand Enfa, which manufacturers products ranging from child nutritional products to vitamins and baby thermometers - was carefully vetted in accordance with our policy on breastfeeding. Our work together in no way endorses infant formula over breastfeeding under any circumstance. In fact, March of Dimes and Reckitt both support the WHO Code recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months of life, and we encourage continued breastfeeding for up to two years and beyond. 

March of Dimes and Reckitt are partners on the Better Starts for All campaign, which is a 3-year initiative that will drive support, education, clinical care, and virtualized care to women in at-risk, maternity care desert populations. This work illustrates March of Dimes and Reckitt’s shared commitment to make a fundamental change in U.S. prenatal care and ensure that moms and babies get the best start in life.

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