Toward improving the outcome of pregnancy III

Toward improving the outcome of pregnancy: Enhancing perinatal health through quality, safety and performance initiatives (TIOP III) explores the elements that are essential to improving quality, safety and performance across the continuum of perinatal care: consistent data collection and measurement; evidence-based initiatives; adherence to clinical practice guidelines; a life-course perspective; care that is patient- and family-centered, culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate; policies that support high-quality perinatal care; and systems change.

As TIOP III demonstrates, improving the quality of perinatal care depends on applying evidence-based practice and clinical guidelines throughout the course of a woman’s life. Each chapter illustrates specific strategies and interventions that incorporate robust process and systems change, including the power of statewide quality improvement collaboratives that are improving perinatal outcomes. It concludes with cross-cutting themes and action items that stakeholders across the continuum of perinatal care will recognize as opportunities to improve pregnancy outcomes.

Ultimately, reaching a more efficient, more accountable system of perinatal care will require a level of collaboration, services integration and communication that lead to successful perinatal quality improvement initiatives, many which are described throughout this book. In addition to the consistent collection of data and measurement and the application of evidence-based interventions, successful collaborations, like all perinatal quality improvement, depend on the engagement, support and commitment of everyone reading this book: health care professionals and hospital leadership, public health professionals and community-based service providers, research scientists, policy-makers and payers, as well as patients and families.