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+Becoming an ambassador

What is a March of Dimes Ambassador?

  • A family or individual who shares their story to inspire others and raise awareness
  • Celebrities touched by the mission or who are passionate about giving back and raising awareness for stronger healthier babies
  • Prominent community leaders advocating for our mission

What is the National Ambassador Family Program?

The National Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for a volunteer family to help convey the mission of the March of Dimes by sharing their personal experience in publicity and appearances. The family donates its time, and appearances are scheduled through the National Office for chapters that request the National Ambassador Family to visit.

Throughout the year, the National Ambassador Family travels across the country to hundreds of meetings, special events, conferences, and fundraising activities, sharing their compelling story with millions of Americans.

How does my family get involved with March of Dimes?

  • Join our online community
  • Register for March for Babies
  • Become an Ambassador Family: Ambassador children and their families bring a face to the mission of the March of Dimes for your coworkers, friends and sponsors. Ambassador Family members can tell the story of how their lives have been touched by the March of Dimes. Then people can hear and see the connection between their efforts, the well-being of the child standing in front of them, and the health of thousands of other children across the country. Contact your local March of Dimes chapter today.