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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers drive our work to empower families. With help from people like you, we’re making an impact through education, research and advocacy, but there is still work to do. Join us to mobilize your network and raise the critical awareness and funds to improve the health of individuals and families.

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Virtual and at home volunteer opportunities

Gratitude Gifts for Healthcare providers

Organize, purchase or solicit in-kind donations for gratitude gifts and meals to send to healthcare providers, nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, child life specialists, hospitality workers, lactation consultants, etc. who are serving moms, babies and families.

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Sibling kits

Put together activity kits for siblings so they have something fun to do while the rest of the family focuses on bonding with their new baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), at home, or at the hospital. Learn more by downloading the toolkit and sign up today!

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Personal care kits for parents

Put together personal care kits for parents whose babies were born too soon, or unexpectedly. Learn more by downloading the toolkit and sign up today!

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send postcards to policy makers

Gather friends and family virtually to participate in a postcard party. Send postcards to elected officials and your neighbors to encourage them to be aware of the maternal and infant health crisis in America. Download the how to guide and template today!

send a note of hope

Every year 4 million babies are born. This is an exciting and challenging time, but can also be scary when everything doesn’t go as planned, and even more so during this uncertain time in our country. Please show your support sending a note of hope. This could include:

  • A note to a mom or dad to be or to a family with a baby currently in the NICU. Sharing your advice, experience and words of encouragement.
  • A note to healthcare providers, nurses, and staff who are on the frontlines making sure that moms and babies are receiving the best possible care.

Or, download the template and write your own.

Become a Mentor/Mentee

Join the March of Dimes community Facebook group and become a mentor or mentee. Mentors and mentees will be able to share support, offer advice, connect with families who had similar experiences, and get helpful resources and information from March of Dimes.

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Create your own event

Gather friends and family to participate in any fundraising activity or challenge of your choice. Turn your passion for baking into a bake sale or your love of sports into a charity sporting event. Our list of ideas can help inspire you to come up with your own fundraiser today!

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Other ways to volunteer

March Your Way

Many of you may be familiar with our March for Babies walk and celebration. If you don’t have a March for Babies event in your community and want to raise awareness for March of Dimes, consider hosting your own March Your Way event! This extraordinary volunteer-led event allows you to bring together your family, friends, neighbors, local businesses, schools, places of worship, etc. who share your commitment to helping every mom and every baby for generations to come. For more information and to sign up, visit March Your Way.

March Your Way

Become a Volunteer Leader

Leverage your leadership, experience and network to support the health of all families by committing to a longer-term volunteer role. Volunteer Leaders support our work at the local and/or national levels through Market Boards, Event Leadership and professional committee roles in Maternal and Child Health or Advocacy. Please connect with us to learn more about these challenging and rewarding volunteer leadership opportunities and the requirements to be considered.

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